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Pet Insurance

Pet insurance, as offered by Prudent Pet, is a form of health insurance for pets, specifically dogs and cats. It primarily covers veterinary expenses related to accidents and illnesses that occur after the policy is purchased. However, it does not cover pre-existing conditions, which are health issues that existed before the policy’s inception. Despite this, Prudent Pet does not restrict insurance access based on pre-existing conditions, meaning all dog and cat owners are eligible to purchase insurance for future health issues.

Additionally, Prudent Pet provides an optional wellness plan covering routine care, though it’s important to note that this is not liability insurance. The company has garnered significant recognition, being rated the #1 Pet Insurance on Trustpilot with a 4.8/5 rating and named the World’s Greatest Pet Insurance in 2022 by Bloomberg TV. They are known for their efficient claim processing, with 75% of claims processed within 24 hours. Moreover, all policyholders have access to a free live vet chat service, offering immediate assistance and advice for pet-related concerns.


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